Sony has announced the next set of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for September this year. The two games will be two AAA games of the past years namely Rocksteady Studios’ “Batman Arkham Knight” and THQ’s “Darksiders 3.” Meanwhile, the free games of previous month are still available for download before these games are available.

As seen on the official PlayStation Blog post, these two games will be free to download starting this September 2. Sony seems to be keen on giving AAA titles for this months as the company rarely puts two large games for free in the same month.

Rocksteady Studios’ “Batman Arkham Knight” is an award winning game of 2015 and is known for its fun and reflexive combat gameplay. As Batman, players would be pit in protecting Gotham City and be pit against the mysterious “Arkham Knight.”

Like the previous two Arkham games of the trilogy, the game still sports the brawling gameplay where Batman manages to take down a whole crowd of goons by himself through a series of quick strikes and reactive parries until every last one is down. Prior to Insomniac Games’ “Marvel’s Spider-Man” last 2018, the Arkham trilogy was the best superhero video game of its time.

Meanwhile, THQ’s “Darksiders 3” is also a good pick for its adventure and “hack and slash” gameplay. Players will play as another one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury. She sports different powers from the previous games’ protagonists namely Death from the first game and War in the second “Darksiders.”

Similar to most action-adventure, hack and slash games, players would be traversing through largely interconnected world and find new weapons to use against their foes. Players that are fans of this genre would feel at home when playing “Darksiders 3”

Both games are third entries of their respective games which could be a way to match the new release for this month. Gearbox Software is about to release “Borderlands 3” which is the third numbered entry in its series. Sony has made the “Borderlands: The Handsome Collection” as one of the free games this year in which contains the series’ actual third entry that’s a prequel called “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.”

These two games would be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers starting this September 2. Players can still catch up and download the free games, namely 'WipeOut Omega Collection' and 'Sniper Elite 4,' for August up until September 1.

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The free PlayStation Plus games for January are releasing soon, and the list includes 'Batman' and 'Deus Ex.' Download them now through Feb. 6. Sony Interactive Entertainment