The upcoming PS4-exclusive “Yakuza 0” is slated for release on Jan. 24, 2017, but interested gamers can preorder the game starting today, with Sony announcing special perks for those who do.

Earlier today, SEGA representative John Hardin took to the official PlayStation blog to announce that the upcoming crime drama installment in the “Yakuza” series is already available for preorder. Not only that, Hardin also announced the details on the special launch day edition of the video game.

“Yakuza 0: The Business Edition” is the special launch day edition of the game that comes with a stainless steel card holder that features game protagonists Kazuma Kiryu’s dragon tattoo and Goro Majima’s “Hanya” tattoo. The launch day edition also includes a special “Hostesses” card that is adorned with images of five Yakuza hostesses.

Apart from “The Business Edition,” Gematsu has learned that a digital version of “Yakuza 0” exists, and it is up for preorder starting this Tuesday. Just like the launch day edition of the physical copy, the digital version will come with a special feature that’s going to be exclusive to players who preorder prior its release. The special feature is a static theme for the PS4 console that shows Kiryu and Majima in black and white.

A new trailer for “Yakuza 0” was also launched earlier today, and it focuses more on Kiryu’s story and how he found himself in the trouble he is in when the game launches. Based on the teaser clip, it seems that Kiryu will be held liable for a murder he did not commit.

According to IGN, “Yakuza 0” is the prequel to the long-running “Yakuza” series that is set in 1980s Tokyo. At the start of the game, players will find Kiryu doing his first task after joining the ranks of the notorious Dojima family. The task appears to be pretty simple: He just needs to collect some money and deliver the amount to a loan shark. But after learning that the latter has turned up dead, Kiryu is put in a difficult position.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.