The PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro are driving Sony's current hot streak, and now we have a better idea just how much the PS4 Pro has contributed. In an interview with Time Monday, Shawn Layden, Sony’s head of global development, said of every five PlayStation 4 units the company sells, one is a PS4 Pro.

Since its launch last November, Sony generally has been positive about the PS4 Pro’s sales performance, even if it’s generally been a secondary option to the main PlayStation 4. A December 2016 NPD Group report found the PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 1.56 million units, with the PS4 Pro comprising around 238,000 of the total unit sales, Windows Central reported.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Sony also had other good news for PlayStation owners. Layden confirmed the PlayStation 4 had moved a global total of 60 million units since its launch last year. The PlayStation VR virtual reality headset also broke more than 1 million units in total sales, keeping it in line with Sony’s initial sales projections. The $399 PlayStation VR, which needs to be paired with a PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro, has been a stronger-than-expected performer for Sony’s VR ambitions and has been a showcase for VR games like Resident Evil 7.

"It is way ahead of our expectations," Sony global sales chief Jim Ryan told Time. "As with PSVR, and I suppose in forecasting these things we haven't done a very good job, the product is in desperately short supply. So that's one in five under severe constraint."

For Sony, the PS4 Pro’s steady performance alongside the main PlayStation 4 largely validates the console’s unconventional spin-off model. Especially against past console generations, the PS4 Pro wasn’t necessarily a sure bet for Sony. While handheld consoles like the Nintendo Game Boy have seen incremental mid-cycle updates, it’s rarely been done to a significant degree on home consoles. Traditionally, gamers could expect that their $400 console would last for a full life cycle and not need a major upgrade after a few years.

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But for the PlayStation 4, the Pro offered the type of platform upgrades traditionally seen in PC gaming. Internally, the console sports better specifications and — most significantly — offers native gaming 4K support. As TV owners have started to migrate from traditional high-definition TVs to 4K-native sets, Sony is banking its PlayStation 4 install base will want to make the same jump. Microsoft plans to make a similar move with its upcoming Project Scorpio, a gaming 4K-capable refresh for the Xbox One.