A recently leaked photo suggests Sony might release a gold PS4 Slim. The gold PS4 release date could have the console hitting store shelves no later than June 9.

Reddit user by the name of Sliye shared the photo of what appears to be a gold-colored version of the PS4 Slim. It’s complete with new packaging that shows off the gold PS4 Slim console and its similarly colored DualShock 4 controller.

The gold PS4 package also shows the console will have 1TB of storage. It remains to be seen whether this version of the PS4 Slim will come with a 500GB variant. The standard black PS4 Slim is available in 500GB and 1TB storage options while the glacier white version only has 500GB.

Gold PS4
Photo of the gold PlayStation 4 Slim that was shared on Reddit by Silye, uploaded to IMGUR by MeinFewer. IMGUR/MeinFewer

The gold PS4 leaker said he works for Target, and the gold PS4 variant shows up in the store’s internal systems.

Sony hasn’t confirmed it will release a gold color for the PS4 yet. There’s also no indication if this will be a U.S.-only version. Some versions of the PS4 are sometimes not released to other countries or are only released worldwide at a later date.

It's also unclear whether the PlayStation 4 Pro is getting the same treatment. The leaker didn’t mention anything about a gold PS4 Pro. After all, the PS4 Pro is supposed to be Sony’s current flagship gaming console, and a gold color variant for it seems appropriate.

What’s interesting about this supposed leak is that the June 9 release date is just three days before Sony’s PlayStation E3 Experience press conference. It seems like a gold variant of the PS4 Slim isn’t big enough news for E3, and Sony may have more important announcements prepared for the event, Eurogamer speculated.

IBT reported earlier Thursday that Sony might announce a price drop for the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim at E3. It’s being speculated the price cut is due to Microsoft’s announcement of the Project Scorpio console and the competitiveness of the $299 Nintendo Switch.

Speaking of E3, Sony’s PlayStation E3 Experience will be broadcast live to more than 85 theaters across North America. Attendees will be given some free swag; an exclusive poster and the #76 of the PlayStation Collectible Cards. Those who will be watching the press conference in the theater will also get a digital gift basket, which will include some free stuff from the PlayStation Store.

The theater live stream tickets are free and can be had only from Sony’s PlayStation E3 website. Getting tickets will require a Gofobo account. Sony says the tickets will be sent to the email address used to create the Gofobo account. Attendees are required to be at least 17 years of age and must bring a valid ID. Sony has listed the theaters that will be showing the live stream on its blog post from earlier this week.