PS4 update 4.50 has been released, and, on the surface, it appears its new custom wallpaper feature only applies to screenshots you’ve captured in-game. While that is what’s encouraged, it’s not entirely true. Here’s how to set any image as your PS4 background.


If you wish to start from scratch, Google Image Search is obviously your best avenue for finding high-quality wallpapers. However, when conducting your search, you need to make sure the picture you want is properly sized to your TV’s resolution and for the PS4 you have. Search for what you want, then click Tools > Size > Exactly. Set it to either of the resolutions below.

  • 1080p : Width 1920, Height 1080 (1920x1080)
  • 4K: Width 3840, Height 2160 (3840x2160) [Only necessary for PS4 Pro with 4K TV]

Find the image you like, save it, and upload it to cubeupload. Next, navigate to the displayed direct link address on your PS4 browser. Hit the square button to enter fullscreen and take a screenshot with the DualShock 4 share button. Just make sure the cursor is out of the way when you do.

You can also try the following sites as well. These have 4K and 1080p images, so the uploading step is already done. Just navigate to these links using your PS4 browser.

Thanks to Alionfiree on reddit for these suggestions.


With your screenshot taken, go to Settings > Themes > Select Theme > Custom > Select Image > Other. Hit apply. You might also want to pick a matching background color in that same menu.

That’s all there is to it. Be sure to check out our 4.50 hard drive guide as well if you’re having trouble with that.

PS4 firmware 4.50 is available now as a free download.
What do you think of the PS4 custom wallpaper feature in firmware 4.50? Could it be improved? Tell us in the comments section!