• News about Sony's PS5 dev kit surfaced online in November 2019
  • Leaks about dev kits are always a cause for excitement in the gaming industry
  • Devs getting their hands on a console dev kit means a new-generation console is on its way

Two PS5 development kits and two DualSense controllers were reportedly up for sale on eBay. Unfortunately, the bold move did not last long because the listings were taken off the popular auction site within a few hours.

On Thursday, a Twitter user who goes by the name iDCx1337 shared a screenshot showing eBay listings. The listings were for two PS5 dev kits (DFI-D1000AA and DFI-T1000AA ) along with a couple of black DualSense controllers.

The DFI-T1000AA test kit resembles a lot like the retail release model of the PS5 while the DFI-D1000AA dev kit is somewhat similar to the V-shaped model that was leaked in November 2019.

Complete your next-gen experience. Sony

The auction for the PS5 dev kits got 12 bids and reached €2,850 or approximately $3,373 before they disappeared from eBay. It is not clear why the listings were removed but it is possible that Japanese gaming giant Sony may have requested it.

A console dev kit being sold just a few months after the hardware gaming system was released in the market is perhaps not ideal. It could be a violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is unclear how the seller got their hands on the PS development kits.

A console development kit is the hardware gaming system distributed by manufacturers to video game developers and studios for building and testing games. News about the console dev kit sent out to developers is always exciting in the gaming industry.

With the developers getting the hardware, gamers know that a new generation of a gaming console is coming soon. The development kit also offers insights into the upcoming hardware gaming system's technical capabilities.

Since dev kits are exclusive for video game developers, non-developers who managed to get their hands on it have a rare collector's item at hand. For non-developers, buying a console dev kit is for novelty.

As a general rule, the user license of the dev kit expires after a certain period and developers must renew it regularly to access any files they have on the hardware. Also, the majority of console dev kits are not capable of playing retail versions of video games.