• A leaker claims that new and old leaks about the PlayStation 5 do not match
  • The older leak is considered as the most reliable PS5 leak to date
  • Both leaks are still unconfirmed at the moment

Previous reports revealed that Sony's upcoming next-gen console will usher in a new era of highly immersive gameplay characterized by stunning visuals, three-dimensional audio, and the lack or significant reduction of one thing that every gamer hates: loading times.

Sony's executives themselves have already teased that the PlayStation 5 will be the best the company has to offer at the moment. It will be far better than the PS4, and will allow players to enjoy playing on a PlayStation the best way possible, whether they play new, exclusive or non-exclusive titles, as well as older titles originally released for older PS versions.

What made all of these more interesting is a previous report that revealed some of the PS5's key specs. According to a detailed Digital Foundry report (via Eurogamer), the PS5, which features eight Zen 2 cores, will feature a custom GPU with 36 active Navi compute units that clock at 2000MHz. This number indicates that the PS5 will have 9.2 TFLOPs of processing power.

The leak also revealed that the PS5 will feature GDDR6 memory and will have a 448GB/s memory bandwidth. This bandwidth, according to some tests, might reach as much as 512GB/s.

Aside from revealing these numbers, the lengthy report also seemed to confirm that the PS5 will feature backward compatibility, which will allow players to enjoy older PS games they own. The Digital Foundry report, BGR noted, “insisted” that the PS5 data “seemed more clear” compared to the Xbox Series X data also revealed in the leak.

A Redditor named Kleegamefan, however, contradicts the leak, BGR reported. Kleegamefan is known for having leaked some PS5 details for some time now. His comment came in the form of a response to another Redditor who asked whether the aforementioned leak matches the older GitHub Oberon leak, which surfaced earlier last year.

“No. They do not match,” the leaker simply said.

The GitHub Oberon leak is considered the most reliable PS5 leak to date. The new one, if Kleegamefan's comment is to be believed, isn't as reliable as the older one. Nevertheless, fans should be careful to take the leaks with a grain of salt; both leaks are unconfirmed at the moment, and Sony hasn't yet officially revealed the most important features the PS5 has.

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