• Sony revealed a key PlayStation 5 spec during CES
  • This reveal came in the form of TVs that provide support for 8K gaming
  • The TVs indicate that Sony is working to give the PS5 8K gameplay capabilities

Sony has repeatedly teased fans about its upcoming next-gen gaming console, the PlayStation 5. So far, the company and its execs have revealed some interesting specs but have also kept some of the biggest and most intriguing features so as to surprise players at a later time.

During CES, however, Sony inadvertently – or stealthily – revealed one of the PS5's key specs. This reveal, as per TechRadar, comes in the form of another product, and not the PS5 itself: a range of new TVs.

The tech site reported that Sony's new “fleet of televisions” have been designed with “upcoming next-generation gaming consoles” in mind. These TV models offer a variety of features such as “HDR in 8K resolution,” “4K resolution at 120fps high frame rate,” and “fast response time via HDMI inputs.” Obviously, every PS gamer will want these for themselves.

Not all of Sony's new TVs will sport these features, though. The top-end model, the Z8H, will be the only model to allow PS5 players to play in both 8K (at 60Hz) and 4K (at 120 Hz)resolutions. The X900H 4K LED, on the other hand, will only be able to support 4K (120Hz) play once the company releases a software update some time after the TV is actually launched.

Aside from providing this kind of high-level gameplay resolution, the top-end Z8H will also make playing on the PS5 more immersive thanks to a host of other features: this model is powered by Sony's X1 Ultimate processor, has a Full Array LED, a backlit remote, and audio drivers that will work with the PS5 to sync video output with audio.

The last feature there is pretty interesting. T3 noted that with this feature, players will be able to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience: “imagine stalking through Endor on Star Wars Battlefront and hearing a twig snap behind you, allowing you to spin around and deal with the Stormtrooper creeping up on you.” That's pretty intense.

These TV features indicate that the PS5 will support 8k gaming. Apparently, the company is thinking of leveraging more than just the PS5, its exclusive titles, and the huge fanbase that the PlayStation already has to make the PS5 the best gaming console ever. It's also working to use its TV division to make playing on the PS5 more interesting compared to any other gaming console.

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