A nightmarish déjà vu feeling may come over some PlayStation Network users today when they tried to sign on to the online gaming service and weren't able to.

However, Sony says the downtime this time around is scheduled maintenance. In a blog post, the company's social media manager, Jeff Rubenstein announced the PSN was undergoing maintenance on Tuesday (May 24) from about 8 a.m. until approximately 5 p.m. Pacific time.

During this time, registration and Account Management will be inaccessible, including the password reset process. While some users may experience difficulty signing in to PSN, the majority of consumers will be able to play online as well as sign in to external sites that require PSN authentication (like this one), Rubenstein said.

The company's well documented security problems have been at the forefront over the past month. After getting dealt a serious hack attack in early April, the company was forced to shut down the PSN for nearly a month. During the hack, the infiltrators accessed personal consumer information, including credit card information.

Meanwhile the company's PlayStation Store has still not been restored. Despite reports to the contrary, Sony said it would not be restored today, but it is targeting by the end of the month.

The impact of the data breach will turn out to be ¥14 billion ($171 million) and will show up in the next fiscal year's results. The company has still been dealing with hack attacks in other parts of the global organization. The most recent happened to Sony Music Entertainment Greece websites. The hackers in that attack accessed 8,500 consumers' information, but no credit card numbers.

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