Vincent Laforet Golden Gate Bridge
Photographer Vincent Laforet captured this image of the Golden Gate Bridge from 7,800 feet in the air. Vincent Laforet

Photographer Vincent Laforet must be getting used to spending all his time in the sky. Having captured New York and Las Vegas from 10,800 feet in the air, Laforet turned to San Francisco for his latest photo series, "AIR: San Francisco 7.2K," published Wednesday on Storehouse.

San Francisco poses an interesting problem for Laforet. New York and Las Vegas have very defined borders, areas of activity and landmarks. Whether it's Times Square, the Empire State Building and the One Trade Center or the famed Las Vegas strip, Laforet can train his camera and find his way through the city. San Francisco is not as defined as the two other cities photographed by Laforet, which means he has to frame the city using its iconic bridges.

"And you can't help but remember the history of this city as a major commercial port and the fact that half of downtown is built up on what used to be docks. Notably, you can't help but to remember how the entire city was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1906 and the fire that leveled the city," Laforet said on Storehouse.

Laforet is taking photographs from the air and is removed from his subject. This gives him a chance to explore the unique patterns (almost like fingerprints) of each city. "Ironically, you get to see how close we are to one another and the patterns. It's strangely intimate. You feel like you have a newfound perspective on the everyday. It's pretty interesting that sometimes you can see more intimately from a distance than you can from several inches away," Laforet told International Business Times in a previous interview.

While it may not match up to Manhattan's grid system, San Francisco's streets are pretty neatly lined until you get to Market Street, where straight lines meet diagonal streets. Another added element to San Francisco is the weather -- most notably the clouds and fog.

The full set of Vincent's photos of San Francisco can be seen here on Storehouse. You can also sign up to preorder a book on Vincent’s Air series, or sign up to be notified when Air comes to your city.

Cloudy San Francisco
Clouds and fog roll in from the bay. Vincent Laforet
San Francisco
A view of San Francisco with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge at the top of the image Vincent Laforet
San Francisco
A tightly packed San Francisco Vincent Laforet
San Francisco
Approaching San Francisco from the air Vincent Laforet
Downtown San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco and the Transamerica Pyramid Vincent Laforet