A Florida landlord set her tenant's home on fire after the duo had an argument over a bath towel. A puppy died in the blaze.

According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department, the landlord, identified as 57-year-old Robin Hamilton, set her tenant, Jackie Huckaby’s home on fire after the two fought over a stolen towel.

Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies and the Cross Creek Fire Department on Saturday afternoon responded to a home near southeast 174th Place in Hawthorne after receiving reports of a fire.

Huckaby told Alachua County deputies that she had rented a woodshed from Hamilton and has been living there with her two dogs. According to the police, when Huckaby confronted a drunk Hamilton over stealing a bath towel that had sentimental value to her, the latter threatened her saying “I’ll burn you out.”

Huckaby told the police that about 20 minutes after the duo had the argument, she smelled something burning and then saw smoke inside her stand-alone shed. She first thought it was a neighbor burning something until she saw smoke and fire emanating from her dryer vent. She immediately got out of the shed and managed to get one of her dogs with her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save her puppy who hid under the furniture. The puppy was later found dead.

The hair on Huckaby's forehead was burnt during the fire. She also felt burns on her face from the steam. The wooden shed was completely burned down.

After the fire officials put out the blaze, a neighbor told police that she overheard Hamilton saying “that’s what you get.”

When the officer’s confronted Hamilton over the incident, she told them that she had no idea how the fire started. But a surveillance video from a neighbor’s security camera showed Hamilton near the shed before the fire. She was then seen leaving after the fire started.

According to the police report, Hamilton threatened to burn the neighbor’s home as well.

Hamilton was charged with attempted murder, arson, and animal cruelty. She was booked into the Alachua County Jail. An $80,000 bond was set on her.

Representational picture of firefighters putting out a fire. David Mark/Pixabay