For the 2012 New York Fashion Week, Diane von Furstenberg, the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, opted for jigsaw puzzles as the main theme for her collection.

The Fall/Winter 2012 creations displayed by the high-end designer showcased puzzle prints on sleeveless dresses and pants. Apart from this, there were also laser cut pieces including a pink embellished creation and puzzle-box bags.

CBS News mentioned that the designer described her muse of the season in her notes: With a heightened awareness to the promise of places she has not yet been, people she has not met yet, she wraps herself in layers of opposing dimensions, ready for anything. Practiced in the art of innuendo. she commands sleek silhouettes with sheer accents cut to reveal just enough.

The designer also showcased creations in various color combinations like a citrus coat with pink pants and pink jacket over a red turtleneck.

The collection was reportedly presented before an audience that included her personal friends like Oscar de la Renta and Anderson Cooper.

This collection is called 'Rendezvous,' Associated Press quoted von Furstenberg stating before the show. It's all about loving to be a woman. It's about seduction. It is bold. It is daring. It is strong, but it has humor. It's all about liking your body, and at the same time with big coats, so it's the yin and the yang.

Take a look at the exclusive puzzle creations by the designer in the slideshow given: