Queen Elizabeth has found herself somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

The 93-year-old royal suspended Parliament over Brexit and announced she would hold a Queen's speech on Oct. 14, but royal experts feel she had "no option" but to do so due to new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"The Queen has never during her reign refused to accept the advice of her ministers," a royal expert explained, according to Express. "She is a monarch guided by precedent. Therefore she will have felt pretty boxed in – that she had no option."

“She and her advisors, I have little doubt, will be frankly resentful of the way this has been done and will be concerned at the headlines which say ‘Queen suspends Parliament’," the expert added.

It seems the Queen's hands have been tied when it comes to a lot of things lately as she recently was "forced" to give a raise to palace staff.

When it comes to this particular situation involving the Prime Minister, one would hope that he wouldn't put Queen Elizabeth in a position to feel these feelings. After all, there was potential for the beloved Queen to break protocol for Johnson during his visit to Balmoral Castle.

Queen Elizabeth
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is pictured attending the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019, in London. Richard Pohle/AFP/Getty Images