Queen Elizabeth II is likely not pleased with Meghan Markle’s effect over Prince Harry.

According to royal commentator Duncan Larcombe, mixing Hollywood and royals hasn’t ended well in the past. Prince Harry’s new partnership with Oprah Winfrey for an upcoming Apple documentary about mental illness is evidence of the Meghan Effect and it is likely a no-no for the monarch.

According to Larcombe, Queen Elizabeth II disapproves of the Meghan Effect because it breaks the royal tradition and the monarch is a “stickler for tradition.” The members of the firm do not endorse particular celebrities.

“So it is quite new and is probably something I would suggest the Queen would have reservations with,” Larcombe explained.

“It’s a definite break from tradition. We know the Queen is a stickler for tradition.”

He also pointed out that instead of Markle adjusting to the royal family, it seemed that it’s Prince Harry joining her causes. Prince Harry’s decision to work with the American TV presenter is proof of Markle’s influence in their relationship. He added that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

“It’s obviously another very clear sign, Harry is going along with Meghan rather than the other way around,” Larcombe said.

Just recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they will keep their birth plans a secret. At the time, it remains unknown where exactly Markle will deliver her baby and when her due date is. There are rumors that she would give birth at Frimley Park Hospital. But some sources claim that she will give birth at home.

Meanwhile, a number of netizens understand the couple’s decision. In fact, they find it “great” and “fantastic.” After all, it’s their life and their choice.

However, some weren’t happy with the news. Some online users slammed the couple for keeping the details a secret when it’s the public who pays for their expenses.

“Shame they didn’t do the same with the wedding... you can’t live the privilege life that WE pay for and cut us out when you choose... oh Harry!! What have you done, ” one netizen wrote on Twitter