Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to keep their birth plan a secret didn’t sit well with some of their fans.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex intend to keep their birth plans under wraps. Prince Harry and Markle will still share the details but only after they have the opportunity to “celebrate privately as a new family.“

The announcement received a mixed reaction from netizens, with some of them slamming the couple for their choice.

“They want royal privileges, taxpayers to fork out millions for their cottage renovation, security, pay for them and the baby for life but don’t want to share details until they are ready,” April Marsh wrote adding that Prince Harry and Markle should “fund” themselves.

“Shame they didn’t do the same with the wedding... you can’t live the privilege life that WE pay for and cut us out when you choose... oh Harry!! What have you done,“ Shelley wrote.

According to Katie Harris of  Express, another user turned to Facebook and questioned Markle’s decision to keep her delivery under wraps. The user pointed out how she wanted the luxuries of marrying a member of the royal family and now she would “pick and choose what she wants to do.”

Although a number weren’t happy with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision, some online users remain supportive of the couple. A number commented on Omid Scobie’s post saying that they were glad and delighted that Prince Harry and Markle decided to keep the precious time privately. One user commented, “that’s how it should be.”

Some also pointed out that its Prince Harry and Markle’s life, so they are free to make a choice. A number praised the couple saying that it was a “great” and “fantastic” decision.

In related news, Markle is expected to give birth soon. According to the betting odds, chances are high that she will deliver her baby this week.

At this time, it remains unknown where Markle will give birth. There are rumors that she picks Frimley Park Hospital. The facility is described by local moms as a place comparable to a hotel due to its service. Also, the hospital is “very luxurious.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lay ferns and a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the newly unveiled UK war memorial and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park on Oct. 28, 2018, in Wellington, New Zealand. Photo: Getty Images/Rosa Woods