Queen Elizabeth II is facing another challenging year due to Prince Philip’s health and Prince Andrew’s controversial interview.

This year turns to be “annus horribilis 2” for Queen Elizabeth II as the royal family  is plunged into crisis over Prince Andrew’s scandal. Another concern that the monarch is facing is her husband, Prince Philip’s health.

To make matters worse, Queen Elizabeth II has to face the issues alone since the heir apparent, Prince Charles, is on tour in New Zealand with wife Camilla Parker Bowles. Due to the various issues, many are concerned about Her Majesty.

“The Queen is under strain. She’s telling everyone she’s fine because that’s what she does,” a source told The Sun’s Dan Wootton. “But she’s 93 and it’s obvious this is going to take a real toll, so everyone is incredibly concerned.”

The insider said that a couple of years ago, the Queen was very content. Prince Charles and Camilla were sorted, Prince William and Kate Middleton were doing well and Prince Harry was finding a wife. However, her problems are piling up both inside and outside the family.

“She’s trying to hold a country together post-Brexit and the Scottish independence referendum. And now the crisis over Prince Andrew follows all the heartache over her grandsons. It’s certainly going to be a strange Christmas for her — and does she really deserve this after all she’s done?” the source added.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are celebrating their 72nd wedding anniversary. However, a few weeks ago, the Duke of Edinburgh had a bit of wobble and was not as energetic as before. Recently, Prince Philip has become very active and his mind is as sharp as ever. However, the Queen is more isolated because her husband lives quietly in Sandringham.

Meanwhile, according to royal correspondent Peter Hunt, Prince Andrew’s interview put the Queen’s reputation at risk. He believed that many would start to question the monarch’s lack of judgment for allowing her residence to be used for the said interview.

Some also accused the Queen of using Meghan Markle as scapegoat amid Prince Andrew’s controversy. According to some royal followers, the Queen allows the public to criticize Markle, so the focus won’t be on Prince Andrew and his connection with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.