Britain's Queen Elizabeth meets guests during a garden party held at Buckingham Palace in London, May 12, 2015. Reuters/John Stillwell/Pool

It’s been two weeks since the birth of Princess Charlotte but reports of how Queen Elizabeth dotes on her new great grandchild, along with predictions of what her future could bring, continue to be hot topics.

Earlier this week, the queen revealed her joy at having a new great granddaughter to dote on following the arrival of Princess Charlotte. According to an article published by Mirror onWednesday, the queen confided to guests at a Buckingham Palace garden party Tuesday that she “loved” having another girl in the family.

Susan Pollock, one of the 8,000 people invited to the get-together, recalls extending her congratulations to the queen for the arrival of another baby, wherein the queen replied, “Yes, we love to have another girl.” Pollock also remembers the queen smiling after she commented on how relaxed Her Majesty looked during the event.

Meanwhile, while well-wishes and congratulations were being exchanged over the arrival of the royal baby, astrologers have already mapped out what the future could bring for Princess Charlotte. Daily Express reported last week that the latest addition to the Windsor household was born under the star sign Taurus, just like the queen.

Taureans are seen as persistent and loyal as well as patient and generous -- the perfect qualities for a queen. Astrologer Patrick Arundell says, "A Taurean as a royal would probably understand their duties a bit more than an Aries person would. They would realize that this is something you have to do and take it more in their stride and be patient.” He further states that Taurean’s are solid very dependable people although they can be a little bit frustratingly stuck in their ways.

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