Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana have all been spotted wearing a blue tweed dress.

Photos of the Queen, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess of Wales wearing the same shade of tweed outfit were shared on Instagram. Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and Middleton all paired their tweed suits with black footwear. But the Queen’s knee-high boots and black gloves stand out.

In the snap, the three royals look gorgeous, but the netizens have different favorites as to who looks best among the trio. Some prefer the Queen’s look and Princess Diana’s appearance, while others go for Middleton’s style.

“Dianna is very Chanel, so is Kate. The Queen is a little Convent, but still looks good. It suits her shape. Beautiful blue,” one user wrote.

“I love it. I'd actually wear the one Diana and the queen are in. Because of the pleats of course,” another netizen commented.

“Kate is the best!!!” a different user wrote.

The majority of the netizens agreed that all three are beautiful in blue because “blue is royal.” Also, they have different styles that suit them well.

One netizen commented that Middleton’s dress was too short. A different user defended the Duchess of Cambridge and wrote that if she had Middleton’s “beautiful legs” she would wear it all the time.

Middleton is a huge fan of tweed dresses. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted rocking this type of outfit in various occasions. Earlier this year, Middleton looked gorgeous in her bespoke Chanel tweed suit when she made an appearance at the Royal Foundation’s Mental Health in Education conference in London. She complemented her outfit with a pair of Tod’s courts and a matching black Mulberry suede clutch and tights.

Queen Elizabeth II, Middleton and Princess Diana were also photographed wearing a red gown and tiara on different occasions. Royal fans were pleased to see the three women in a similar outfit and most of them agree that all of them looked gorgeous and classy.