Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip may not be touchy-feely with each other, but the royal couple’s connection both in public and in private cannot be denied.

On Her Majesty’s 93rd birthday, a series of photos of the Queen with the Duke of Edinburgh was compiled by Express. In some of the photos, the monarch lovingly stares at her husband’s face and eyes.

The Queen and Prince Philip have been married for seven decades after they tied the knot, a photo of Her Majesty with her husband was also released to the public. The stunning Queen is wearing a long-sleeved white wedding gown, while Prince Philip is in his signature suit and tie.

Her Majesty and Prince Philip both have a beautiful smile on their faces, and they are also staring into each other’s eyes. Another photo was taken years later and the Queen is once again staring at her husband’s face while Prince Philip is reading the newspaper.

Another throwback photo shows Prince Philip and the Queen with their two children, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne. In the snap, Prince Philip is carrying a young Prince Charles while Princess Anne is being carried by Her Majesty. The adorable Princess Anne is also touching Prince Philip’s mouth.

A newer photo shows Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip sitting at a royal engagement while staring at each other yet again. The monarch is wearing an all-yellow ensemble and she also has a huge grin on her face. Prince Philip, who is sitting beside her, is talking to his wife.

During their anniversary, the Queen gave Prince Philip the most touching tribute by saying that he has been her strength and stay throughout the past couple of years. Following their nuptials, Prince Philip and the Queen were blessed with two more children, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

At present, the 97-year-old Duke has already retired, and he is living in Windsor Castle while the Queen spends most of her days at the Buckingham Palace because it is closer to her royal duties.