• Queen Elizabeth won't retire in 2021
  • Queen Elizabeth won't abdicate at 95
  • Her Majesty won't pass on her duties to Prince Charles through the Regency Act soon

Queen Elizabeth won’t be retiring at the age of 95 or any other age for that matter.

In an article that she wrote for Vanity Fair, royal author Katie Nicholl said that the ongoing rumors regarding Her Majesty’s alleged retirement is just a plotline from “The Crown.”

Nicholl said that there’s no reason for the monarch to retire at the age of 95 when she is still in good health. And since she won’t retire anytime soon, a Regency won’t take place either.

A source told Nicholl that speculations became rife after Prince Andrew gave a car-crash interview with BBC’s Emily Maitlis. Following the backlash that the Duke of York received, the Queen sought the advice of other senior royals.

Royal fans thought that the Queen consulting with her advisors meant that she was no longer in control of the royal family and the British monarchy. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

“She has that great advantage, but consultation should not be seen as a wish to hand over her power. There seems to be an inference that because of what has happened with Prince Andrew, a huge amount of change is about to happen. It’s not. The Royal Family is firmly being driven by the Queen and that will continue to be the case,” the source said.

What Nicholl can confirm is that the Queen’s 95th birthday will be marked with a huge celebration. But the monarch will most definitely retain her title and she won’t abdicate either.

Two years ago, royal expert Robert Jobson told Daily Mail that the Queen will pass the crown to her eldest child, Prince Charles when she turns 95 in 2021. Jobson also said that the Queen is mindful of her age, and she wants a seamless transition.

It is unclear where Jobson got the idea of the Queen retiring, but it has since been debunked. However, it is true that Her Majesty has scaled down her royal duties, and she also passed on some of her patronages to younger royals.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is seen at the Chichester Theatre while visiting West Sussex on Nov. 30, 2017, in Chichester, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson