Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle's wedding bouquet will surely include a sprig of myrtle. Pictured: Markle leaves after attending a service of commemoration and thanksgiving to mark Anzac Day in Westminster Abbey in London on April 25, 2018. Getty Images/Adrian Dennis

Meghan Markle's feminist views do not shake Queen Elizabeth II.

Many are wondering how the Queen and Prince Philip were able to accept the "Suits" actress' advocacies for women. According to Daily Break managing editor Kelly Lynch, the royal couple easily embraced Markle's beliefs because of their "progressive" views. "Both the Duke and Her Majesty have always been progressive in their views," Lynch told Express.

In addition, Prince Diana may have also paved the way for someone with Markle's views to join the royal family. "I also think that Diana's fierce independence taught them to be more accepting of opinions, views and beliefs, even if they don't agree with them," Lynch added.

The managing editor also believes that the actress' charisma has also helped her reach where she is today. The "Horrible Bosses" star's composure is impressive. "She might have her own views and opinions, but she expresses them with tact, knowing that she'd never want to embarrass her future husband's grandparents," Lynch said.

In related news, Markle's bouquet on her wedding day will have to include a sprig of myrtle. Kaitlin Menza, a royal commentator, guarantees that this fluffy white flower will be included in the arrangement.

"It's a tradition going back to Queen Victoria in the 19th century," Menza told Who What Wear (via Daily Mail).

Myrtle represents love and marriage, which makes it perfect for the occasion. In addition, the flower is deemed special as it is grown from Queen Victoria's bush in the Isle of Wight, a present from Prince Albert's grandmother.

Menza also added that Markle may lay her bouquet on the Westminster Abbey tomb. Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton did this after their own wedding ceremonies.

"They also lay their bouquets on [Westminster Abbey's] tomb of The Unknown Warrior. They usually incorporate lace into their gowns, though that seems like a timeless bridal choice more than anything," she added.

However, according to Hello!, the future royal has the option of not sending her bouquet to Westminster Abby as Markle's wedding venue is outside of London. When Zara Tindall wed in Scotland, she did not send her flowers back.

But if Markle wants to follow the tradition, she could do so. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, also married outside the capital of England and the United Kingdom, but she still sent her bouquet back.