Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had almost a decade-long family feud for this reason. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wait for the carriage carrying Princess Eugenie of York and her husband Jack Brooksbank to pass at the start of the procession after their wedding ceremony at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on Oct. 12, 2018. Getty Images/Alastair Grant

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had an almost decade-long family feud over their children’s family name.

According to Martina Bet, a journalist for Express, the Duke of Edinburgh, a former commander in the Royal Navy, wanted to give his children with Queen Elizabeth II his own surname. However, Queen Mother and his wife, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t agree with the idea. They turned down the 97-year-old royal’s suggestion saying, “No, this is not going to be the way.”

Queen Elizabeth II issued a public declaration on April 9, 1952, announcing that “her children will be styled and known as the house and family of Windsor” prior to her coronation on June 2, 1953. Prince Philip was hurt deeply and he felt like he was “just a bloody amoeba” within the royal household.

Prince Philip’s desire to name his royal children Mountbatten sparked a lengthy family feud that lasted for almost a decade. The Duke of Edinburgh refused to let the matter drop and brought the issue again when Queen Elizabeth II was expecting Prince Andrew.

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said that the Queen “absolutely needed to revisit” the issue of the family name because “it had been irritating her husband since 1952.”

Macmillan added how much the Queen loves Prince Philip that she was willing to make changes for his sake.

“The Queen only wishes to do something to please her husband – with whom she is desperately in love,” royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith wrote, citing an entry in Macmillan’s diary.

He also revealed how the issue affected the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s relationship. He noted that he wasn’t happy with the way Prince Philip treated the monarch over his concerns.

“What upsets me is the Prince’s almost brutal attitude to the Queen over all this,” he added.

Prince Philip had a rocky relationship with Queen Mother, too. Queen Elizabeth II’s mother and husband reportedly didn’t get along well.

Queen Mother didn’t like it when Prince Philip replaced the footmen who would take messages across the palace in the 1950s with phones. She also argued when the duke decided to send Prince Charles to Gordonstoun in Scotland to toughen up the future king.