The royal family is known for some of their most outrageous demands and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are no exception. During royal tours, the couple is given a special room.

In an article he wrote for The Telegraph, political editor Gordon Rayner said that Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh usually have a retiring room that doubles into a panic room while they are on tour.

“Hosts spend more time worrying about the loo arrangements than anything else, down to what color the towels should be and whether the loo roll is a suitable brand,” he said. However, Rayner didn’t say exactly if the Queen is the one who requests for her own retiring room while on tour. What is only known is that she brings her own toilet paper.

Since 1978, the royals have been using toilet papers from the company Andrex, who secured the Royal Warrant. By the looks of it, Andrex is also the toilet paper that the Queen and Prince Philip bring with them on tour.

Other than her own toilet paper, Her Majesty also brings her own portable hook, which she uses to hold her handbags. Other essentials that the Queen never goes without includes reading glasses, mints, a fountain pen, a small mirror, and her lipstick.

Meanwhile, other members of the royal family are known for their outrageous demands. For instance, there are reports suggesting that Prince Charles demands that his own towels are used whenever he’s traveling.

The heir to the throne, who has been dubbed as the “Pampered Prince,” reportedly has every single thing done for him. This includes having his shoelaces ironed and pressed. The dad of two also demands that flags be flown whenever Camilla Parker Bowles is around.

However, Prince Charles previously denied the rumors that he’s a pampered prince. During an interview, he encouraged royal fans to not believe everything that they read online.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip
Pictured: The Queen, Prince Philip depart a Service of Commemoration for troops who were stationed in Afghanistan on March 13, 2015 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson