Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II has a wicked sense of humor. Pictured: The Queen poses in the State Dining Room of Buckingham Palace after recording her Christmas Day television broadcast to the Commonwealth on December 10, 2014 in London. Getty Images/John Stillwell-WPA Pool

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly once received mouth to mouth resuscitation amid fears that she had been shot.

During a sitting for a painting in 2001, Her Majesty shared the surprising story with artist Lucian Freud. Royal biographer Karen Dolby was told by Freud’s friend, Clarissa Eden, about what happened to the Queen while at a pheasant shoot several years ago, according to Express' Matthew Kirkham.

According to Eden, the Queen and the artist talked about racing and horses. While she was being painted, the monarch said that they should stop talking, but she still continued sharing her story. She said that there was an incident after she picked up her guns as she always did when a wounded cock pheasant scratched me and drew blood.

“The detective assumed I’d been shot, threw himself on top of me and began giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation. I consider we got to know each other rather well,” she said.

According to the author of “The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II,” the 92-year-old has a rather wicked sense of humor. Dolby said that her book is a celebration of the Queen’s reign through some of her wittiest, most sarcastic, and humorous observations.

In one of the stories found in her book, painter John Edwards revealed how the Queen laughed off his embarrassment when his palette fell face down on the floor.

“It always falls butter side down, doesn’t it?” the Queen joked.

And in 2007, photographer Annie Leibovitz didn’t immediately understand the Queen’s unique sense of humor when she refused to remove her headwear during a shoot. When Leibovitz asked the Queen to remove her tiara and replace it with something not as dressier, she had the wittiest response.

The Queen asked the photographer who she thought she was to suggest that she should wear something less dressy. And on one occasion, the Queen unknowingly photobombed Australian hockey star Jayde Taylor while at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games years ago.

In 2013, a young girl asked to take a photo with the Queen and her teddy bear, and she happily obliged.