Queen Elizabeth II’s latest Christmas speech may not be her last because she reportedly won’t abdicate from the throne in 2019.

Royal expert James Brookes told Express that he thinks Her Majesty will never abdicate. One of the most important reasons for this is that she doesn’t want to put too much pressure on her children and grandchildren. As long as the monarch can still carry out her duties, she wouldn’t want to cause any trouble in the lives of her successors.

Brookes also discussed the Queen’s decision to pass on some of her royal duties to her children and grandchildren while she is still alive.

“Anyone would think, you’ve got a relative in your 90s, they shouldn’t necessarily be galavanting off on long-haul trips every couple of months. But she’s found a good balance of being able to pass on the things she needs to do to prepare her own family for when she’s not here while she is doing plenty behind the scenes,” he said.

And unlike her counterparts in their 90s, Her Majesty won’t get to enjoy retirement since she promised to serve her nation until her death during her coronation in 1953.

Since the Queen takes her duties very seriously, she will never look at it as something that she can resign from. Being the head of the monarchy is not like any other job wherein a person can say she’s getting old and be able to resign.

In related news, since the Queen won’t abdicate in 2019, Prince Charles won’t become king anytime soon. As the heir to the throne, the Duke of Cornwall has held the same position for the past 65 years.

The only time that Prince Charles may suddenly become king is if the Queen suddenly passes away or becomes too sick to carry out her duties. Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, said that the Queen will only abdicate if and when a severe illness forces her to do so.

“As long as she’s healthy, regardless of age, I don’t see a regency,” he told Express.