Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas in Sandringham with the royal family will run like a clockwork, claims Princess Diana’s former royal butler Paul Burrell.

However, even though Her Majesty is the one planning what the entire British clan would do from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, she will not be participating in one of the activities.

Burrell told Daily Mail that the Queen will go for a walk by herself the minute her Christmas broadcast airs on Sky News. Her Majesty doesn’t like watching herself on television, but she expects all of her relatives to sit together in the saloon drawing room and watch her Christmas speech.

When the Queen returns to her home in Sandringham, the members of her family will congratulate her on her Christmas address. Her Majesty doesn’t mind not watching the broadcast because the most important thing for her is to see everyone under one roof.

“She wants to do things with the family, but she still does her boxes, even on Christmas Day. She always puts work before pleasure,” Burrell said.

The former royal butler also said that the family’s attendance is mandatory every year, and the Queen only uses a three-line whip: you’re invited, you don’t refuse, and you don’t ever turn the Queen down.

Burrell added that there is a strict sitting arrangement that needs to be followed in Sandringham. The rule is to sit beside someone you have not been seated with before so that you can engage in small talk. Anyone who is feeling under the weather cannot also decline dinner even though done politely. And no one is allowed to be totally drunk to the point of passing out.

And even though the drinks trolley will make an appearance before lunch, before dinner, and after dinner, members of the royal family cannot just drink as much alcohol as they want. After their meals, the royal family will sit together and enjoy their own entertainment that doesn’t involve watching television.

Markle, who is one of the newest members of the royal family, is expected to participate and do well in the Queen’s favorite game of charades.