• Queen Elizabeth II should not abdicate
  • Queen Elizabeth II will never abdicate
  • Queen Elizabeth II has no power to change her successor

Queen Elizabeth II should not abdicate and pass crown on Prince Charles and Prince William.

The monarch is already 93 years old and there are speculations that she might abdicate and skip Prince Charles. However, broadcaster Sherrie Hewson doesn’t agree. When asked if the Queen should abdicate, she told Jeremy Vine, “Absolutely no.”

For her, Her Majesty should remain on the throne “for as long as she wishes.” She also gave a reason why the leadership of the monarchy should not be passed down yet.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I think everybody, even if you are not a royalist, adores the Queen. They love her, they think she’s been there 67 years – four years longer than Queen Victoria,” Hewson said.

Royal expert Fitzwilliams shared that Queen Elizabeth II will never renounce her throne. However, she might reduce her workload.

“It is important to emphasise the Queen will never abdicate,” Fitzwilliams explained. “Gradually we would expect the Queen to scale down her duties but never to abdicate as she believes in total dedication to duty and in the oath she took to serve her whole life when she was 21.”

Fitzwilliams added that King Edward VII’s decision to step down from the throne to marry Wallis Simpson is an example that the Queen will never forget. The royal commentator believed that even if Prince Charles has been prepared for kingship his whole life, the Queen will never step down.

He also added that there will never be regency unless the current monarch is sick and will not be able to perform her duties. Fitzwilliam insisted that as long as the Queen is healthy, regardless of her age, there will be no regency.

Meanwhile, Hewson said that if the Queen will pass down the throne it will be to Prince William and not Prince Charles. However, that is unlikely to happen because there is no way for the Duke of Cambridge to be the next king. Claire Nowak said that the Queen doesn’t have the power to change her successor.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William
Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William wave to the crowds from Buckingham Palace during the Diamond Jubilee carriage procession after the service of thanksgiving at St.Paul’s Cathedral on the Mall on June 5, 2012 in London. Getty Images/Dan Kitwood