• Kate Middleton lookalike featured in fake baby bump site MoonBump
  • Meghan Markle's fake pregnancy rumors revisited
  • Royal family may welcome four royal babies in 2020

Kate Middleton’s lookalike was featured in a site making fake baby bumps.

MoonBump has spent over 10 years in the prop-making industry. They combine detailed research with their creativity and ingenuity to deliver the best baby bump to portray pregnancy on screen, stage or for commercial use.

On their website, there were various photos of fake pregnant bellies featured on their gallery. One of the pictures featured a woman who looks like the Duchess of Cambridge.

The lady is wearing a black and white polka dot dress with black blazer. The outfit was similar to what Prince William’s wife wore in 2013 when she visited Warner Bros. Studios.

Middleton showed up at the event wearing the same dress from Topshop, Hello! reported. She also paired it with a black blazer and black heels. Middleton was still expecting Prince George at the time.

One netizen reacted about the photo featured on the site and blamed Meghan Markle’s fans.

“So the website for fake maternity bellies actually has an image they have labeled ‘Royal Kate Middleton Lookalike’. Sure MM and her camp had something to do with this?” @RedPillFacebook wrote on Twitter.

Another user said that the site wrote “royal Kate Middleton look-alike” to make sure that they will not be sued. However, the user who shared the photo insisted that “it is a jab at Kate” and added that she didn’t see any photos of “MM.”

When the Duchess of Sussex was still expecting baby Archie, there were rumors that she was actually not pregnant and was only using a fake baby bump. A clip of Markle squatting when she was heavily pregnant was shared on YouTube.

In the short video, Markle is wearing heels and she smoothly squat to pet the dog. According to one netizen, something pops back out and her stomach immediately gets bigger when she stands. The social media user said that it was “bizarre.” Aside from the noise, many couldn’t believe at how Markle made it so easy to squat and stand while wearing heels because she was near her due date and most pregnant woman, if not all, couldn’t do it.

In related news, the royal family might welcome four royal babies this year. Middleton, Markle and Princess Eugenie are expected to make pregnancy announcement. Meanwhile, bookmakers are offering even odds for Princess Beatrie to do the same.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton arrives to launch a new national support line at the charity Family Action on Jan. 22, 2019 in Lewisham, England.  Getty Images/Adrian Dennis