Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly worried about Meghan Markle’s ongoing family feud.

Royal expert Angela Mollard revealed in the “Royals” podcast that Her Majesty might see the Duchess of Sussex’s family drama as a nightmare because there is no immediate resolution in sight.

“The Queen has just had the family operating well, all on message, all marrying well! Now Harry’s gone and married someone who has a history that is bringing difficulties to the family… The monarchy in some respects is always vulnerable, it’s an institution that relies on public opinion,” she said.

Mollard went on to say that Markle’s rift with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., may be dispiriting for Her Majesty because she spent her life working towards stability. She also wants the members of the royal family to act appropriately.

The royal expert said that she thinks it is Thomas’ responsibility to reach out to his daughter and patch things up.

“At the end of the day, I genuinely believe it’s the parent’s responsibility to determine the relationship with their child, not the child’s responsibility. Thomas Markle is failing her on every account,” she said.

Mollard’s comments come just weeks after Thomas released his daughter’s private letters to the public via Daily Mail. The former lighting director also shared the letter he wrote back to his daughter via the publication.

In his letter, Thomas talked about the last time he spoke with Markle and said that he was unable to receive the help that she sent him because he was at the hospital due to his second heart attack. Thomas also denied Markle’s claim that he attacked Prince Harry.

But the most controversial part of Thomas’ letter had to do with the fact that he asked Markle to pose for a photo with him and their entire family. And said that if Markle and Prince Harry don’t like it, they could just fake it for one picture.