Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly furious when her cousin attempted to sell Queen Mother’s intimate items.

The monarch was mad when she learned that some items owned by her mother was sold by her cousin Lady Elizabeth. The Queen’s cousin was popular in Paris because her mother married a Danish diplomat after her divorce and ended up living there.

Distinguished auction house Coutau-Bégarie did not publicly disclose the identity of the seller. However, the nature of items made it obvious where they came from, Express reported.

The auctioneers didn’t find any issues in selling those intimate items which included Christmas cards sent by members of the royal family and a program from the Queen Mother.

However, when Queen Elizabeth II and her staff learned about it they were not pleased. The monarch ordered that the items be removed. The sale raised thousands of pounds, but it would have been hundred times more if all the items were sold.

“Instead they were removed at the 11th hour, causing the auctioneers a great deal of embarrassment and leaving many potential buyers unhappy,” the insider said.

A spokesman for Coutau-Bégarie confirmed that many items were removed and they learned that those items won’t be sold any longer.

“We can confirm that the numerous lots withdrawn will not be sold in future,” the spokesman said. “They have been withdrawn from sale permanently.”

In related news, Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s most hated item again. The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a stunning $2,000 Emilia Wickstead dress when she visited the “Back To Nature” festival in Woking, Surrey on Tuesday.

The duchess paired her get-up with wedge shoes, which the Queen extremely dislikes. In fact, Samantha Leal of Marie Claire described the Queen as a “notorious wedge-hater.”

Meanwhile, the rumors that Queen Elizabeth II will make Prince Charles a Prince Regent continues. Royal expert Moniek Bloks believes that the Queen will make the heir apparent a regent, but she will never abdicate. The monarch said before that she will serve until her last breath.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is seen at the Chichester Theatre while visiting West Sussex on Nov. 30, 2017, in Chichester, United Kingdom. Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson