Queen Mother
Was the Queen Mother ever in love with King Edward VIII? Pictured: Queen Mother waves from her golf buggy on her 95th birthday 04th August at Clarence House, London. Getty Images/Andrew Winning/AFP

Queen Mother married George VI on April 26, 1923, but there were rumors that she was actually in love with another man.

Prince Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, who was known simply as David and eventually as King Edward VIII, was linked to the Queen Mother. Their rumored relationship is being revisited in relation to Queen Elizabeth II’s journey to the throne.

Hugo Vickers, author of the Wallis Simpson biography “Behind Closed Doors,” told NPR years ago that his theory was that the Queen Mother was really in love with the Duke of Windsor. He said that the Queen Mother would have also wanted to marry David if only she had the chance.

“It must have passed through their mind. And I think it suited her very well to present the Duchess of Windsor as the woman who stole the King. And people rather swallowed that line,” he said.

According to E! News, the Queen Mother was very close to her paternal grandfather, George V. In his diary entry for Nov. 6, 1935, an ailing George V wrote how he hoped David wouldn’t have an heir so that the crown would be passed to Albert and then to Elizabeth.

King Edward VIII abdicated for love on Dec. 11, 1936, which made his brother Albert the new King. The latter became known as King George VI.

In related news, the Queen Mother also made headlines last week after it was reported that she got upset with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward years ago. In Ingrid Seward’s book “Prince Edward: A Biography,” the author said that the Queen Mother was so upset with how the royal family allowed themselves to be involved in the program called “It’s A Royal Knockout.”

Seward said that Queen Elizabeth II shared the same sentiments with her mother, and she wasn’t pleased to see the Duke of York grinning inanely in front of the camera. She wasn’t also happy to see Prince Edward dressed as a joker on television.