Kate Middleton has certain qualities that Queen Elizabeth II loves.

According to Anna Kretschmer, a journalist for Express, Middleton lacks a certain character that her sister-in-law Meghan Markle has. Since the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't have it, Queen Elizabeth II loves her more.

Royal reporter Ashley Pearson revealed on the Amazon Prime documentary "William & Kate: The Journey" that the Queen is "very fond" of Middleton due to her values. "She likes her middle-class values," Pearson explained. "She likes that she's close to her family."

"Kate has never tried to garner extra attention for herself. There's nothing flashy or showy," the expert added.

According to Pearson, Queen Elizabeth wanted to see these traits in her sons' wives, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. However, she was disappointed. "Kate tows the company line all the time, and that's something that Queen Elizabeth very much wanted from Diana – which didn't happen," Pearson said. "She wanted [it] from Sarah Ferguson – which didn't happen."

Middleton is apparently the monarch's "special favorite" because she consistently supports the family. In fact, she never had issues with her parents and siblings.

Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II's relationship could be seen in the way the Duchess of Cambridge curtsies to Her Majesty. According to a body language expert, Middleton is more relaxed compared to Markle when both pay their respects to the Queen.

"Kate's more relaxed curtsey involves eye contact and a broad smile that makes it a greeting ritual as much as an act of obeisance," Judi James told Express. "This could be down to practice making perfect in terms of her ability to be more relaxed and confident or it could imply a different protocol when a future Queen meets the current."

Unlike Middleton, Markle has a lot of issues with her family. In fact, on her wedding day, only her mom, Doria Ragland, was present. Her father canceled his attendance, while her siblings and other relatives weren't invited.

In addition, the Duchess of Sussex is also more daring with her fashion sense. It has been reported several times in the past that Markle broke the royal protocol for wearing black outfits and pants. There were also times when she didn't use tights. Markle was a former actress and given her profession, she "thrives in the limelight."

Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton
Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of Kate Middleton than Meghan Markle due to the former's "middle class values." Pictured: Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II watch part of a children's sports event while visiting Vernon Park during a Diamond Jubilee visit to Nottingham on June 13, 2012 in Nottingham, England. Getty Images/Phil Noble