Rage 2
“Rage 2” won’t have multiplayer, according to id Software. Bethesda Website

Sorry fans, “Rage 2” isn’t coming with a multiplayer component. Developer id Software has confirmed this bit at QuakeCon. The studio, however, is teasing of a “social component” that could be the alternative to the missing feature.

On Friday, id Software studio boss Tim Willits disclosed to Eurogamer at QuakeCon that the upcoming first-person shooter video game won’t have multiplayer. While this is sad news to some fans, Willits revealed that they are preparing something else that will offer a new gaming experience.

“We will have a social component but it’s not your typical multiplayer,” Willits said. “We’re not quite ready to talk about it but we understand community is important, and we understand connecting with other gamers is important.”

Willits then shared that what they are developing isn’t something that can be categorized under “classic” multiplayer. “… You’re not running around together with your friends, because we feel we have enough hours of entertainment for your money,” he said before noting, “We feel like we have a good offering.”

Willits also mentioned their other plans to ensure the long-term appeal of “Rage 2” to fans. “Our way of thinking is making the tail of the game longer. Our fans put hundreds of hours of their lives into the game and we want to give them an experience worth their time,” he said. “We have plans to do all sorts of things: free plus paid updates and obviously some dynamic elements.”

When asked if they are including microtransactions in the game, Willits didn’t have a decisive answer. “I don’t know yet. You need to be careful when you say things — like ‘loot boxes.’ ‘Argh oh my god loot boxes!’ We won’t have loot boxes but yes we are trying to figure out how it will work.”

Aside from answering media questions, id Software presented a new gameplay trailer at QuakeCon 2018. The video is more than seven minutes long, for it gives an extended look at the seamless open world of “Rage 2.”

“Rage 2” is set for release in June 2019. The game is being developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software and it will be published by Bethesda Softworks for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.