• Two new characters are coming to Rainbow Six Siege
  • The leaks confirm one new attacker and defender operators for the next update
  • Official information will be released soon

Ubisoft has revealed the next update to be “Operation Void Edge” and will be fully revealed this February. Leaks about the update show that the new operators will be Oryx and Yana. For this update, the standard release of one Attacker and one Defender would also be seen in this

The Operation Void Edge leaks were found through a trusted Russian leaker that have revealed details about Kali’s sniper rifle and Wamai’s gadgets prior to their release, as seen on Maxinik03’s Reddit thread. Apparently, the next operators were confirmed to be the attacker operator, Yana, and the defender operator, Oryx. The information from the leak was translated as it was mostly revealed in Russian.

As with new operators, each of these new “Rainbow Six Siege” characters offer a new gadget for the players to use. Yana’s gadget is said to be a controllable hologram. As seen in the Operation Void Edge trailer, Yana is seen shining yellow somewhere on the moon’s surface. Her weaponry consists of the ARX200 rifle with a vertical grip, the G36C assault rifle and Canadian MK1 9MM pistol.

Meanwhile, the new defender operator, Oryx, features a straightforward gadget or more accurately, an ability. Oryx can charge through walls to punch a hole open through it which opens up more avenues for defenders to make new pathways and even surprise the attackers with an unlikely route. In the trailer, Oryx is seen running through a corridor in a prison and manages to escape to the desert outside of it. His weapons will be the MP5 submachine gun, SPAS-12 shotgun, the Bailiff 410. revolver and the USP40 pistol.

Ubisoft is scheduled to fully reveal the upcoming Operation Void Edge update this February 15. The reveal is smack dab in the middle of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational finals.

Rainbow Six Siege
"Rainbow Six Siege" is an online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft. The game was released worldwide on December 1, 2015 and its community continues to grow until now. Psyounger / Flickr