The first trailer of “Rambo 5: Last Blood” was only meant to be seen by the people who attended the Cannes Film Festival, but the video has leaked online. An official video will be released online at a later date, but for now, the eager fans who weren’t at the event can watch it online, thanks to someone who appears to have recorded it on a phone.

Fans of the franchise remember John (Sylvester Stallone) went back to his father’s ranch the last time the audience saw him. The leaked trailer of the upcoming movie shows the former soldier trying to live a peaceful live at the ranch.

Years of war, violence, sacrifice, and loss have take their toll on the weary soldier. The trailer shows Stallone’s character attempting to live a normal life, hiding his secrets from everyone, but an incident at the ranch will force him to face his past and once again pick up his weapons to kill those who plan to harm him.

The film will have some nostalgic moments for fans who enjoyed the previous “Rambo” movies. The main villains in the upcoming film are members of a Mexican cartel who will come to kill John in his ranch. Just as in the first film, the former soldier will have a surprise waiting for the gang members who come to kill him.

The trailer shows John setting up traps for the Mexican gang members at his ranch, using the regular farm tools that he can find. From pitch forks to his iconic bow and knife, the former soldier will use everything he can to kill his enemies.

“If they come looking for me,” Stallone says in the voice over, “they will welcome death.” “Death is coming,” John warns someone in one of the scenes in the trailer.

While the fans across the globe wait for the “Rambo 5” trailer to be officially released online, Stallone shared a behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram page to show everyone just how challenging the filming process was. The scene that the actor teased online was filmed underground in a cave, where the actor said that it was “very dusty and difficult to breathe.” However, filming in such locations made the film look “real,” according to the actor.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” is the final film in the former soldier’s story. Stallone previously said that the Cannes Film Festival was an opportunity for him to not only show the trailer of the film but also look back at his long career playing the former soldier.