Rami Malek
Learn interesting facts about Rami Malek, who is pictured here at the 2016 Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 18. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Rami Malek won the Outstanding Drama Actor award at the 2016 Emmys for his performance as Elliot Alderson on “Mr. Robot.” It was the actor's first time to be nominated.

While the actor is most popularly known for his role as the hacker-activist Elliot, there are many things about Malek that people will surely find as fascinating as the character he plays onscreen. Here are a few of them.

1. Malek has an identical twin brother.

Malek has a twin named Sami, who works as a teacher. Rami is the older twin by four minutes.

2. Rami's first TV stint was on “Gilmore Girls”

It was just for one episode, and he only had three lines. Rami played one of Lane's (Keiko Agena) bible study group peers in Season 4, Episode 11, titled “In the Clamor and the Clangor,” of the WB show.

3. He used to have a crush on Kirsten Dunst

Rami went to the same school as Dunst, which was the Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. The actor admitted in an interview with E! News that he had a little thing for the “Fargo” actress. Rami also said that he and the actress are still friends, and his friend Garrett Hedlund is currently dating Dunst.

4. He's allergic to cats

The actor told Yahoo that he's not allergic to all kinds of cats, but when he told the production team behind “Mr. Robot” about his allergies, they decided to nix the idea of giving him a cat as a pet. He was given a dog, but he told series creator Sam Esmail that it looked like a “sitcom dog,” so Esmail decided to get rid of it. In the end, he was given a fish.

5. One of his favorite singers is Lauren Marling

“She can just weave a story,” Rami told Interview magazine. “It's poetic; it's smart. It's heartfelt and, for me, affecting. I like that. I like it when it infiltrates my whole being.”

Catch Rami in the last episode of “Mr. Robot” Season 2 on Wednesday, 10 p.m. on USA.