Rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized in Los Angeles this week after experiencing multiple seizures, which he has suffered from in the past.

According to MTV, the rapper, who is set to release his 10th full-length album “I Am Not A Human Being II” later this month, was hospitalized on Tuesday evening for seizures. Wayne was rushed to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday night and released Wednesday morning. Wayne (born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) was allegedly filming a music video during the incident.

No official word has been made about the hospitalization, but TMZ reports “he's doing much better now.”

This isn’t the first time the mega-rapper has been hospitalized for seizures. Back in October, Wayne suffered two seizures in less than 24 hours, enduring brief hospitalizations in both Louisiana and Texas.

He appears to have suffered the recent seizures while aboard his private jet. Wayne suffered his first seizure while flying over Texas. His private jet made an emergency landing in San Angelo, Texas, and Lil Wayne was rushed to a local hospital. His pilot was the first to report that he had suffered a seizure.

Lil Wayne’s publicist was adamant that the rapper had not suffered seizures on the flight, but was dehydrated and experiencing migraines.

Lil Wayne’s representative told TMZ: "He is at home on doctor-mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love."

After being discharged from the Texas hospital, Lil Wayne again boarded his private jet to head back to Los Angeles, but apparently suffered a second seizure-like event while in the air Friday. His flight was rerouted to Kenner, La., where paramedics escorted him to the Ochsner Medical Center, TMZ reported. He has since been released, TMZ said.

However, while Wayne’s representative initially denied that the rapper had been hospitalized for seizures, he later admitted to MTV that he was taking prescription medication to prevent seizures.

"I don't want y'all to think I'm on nothing, man. I'm on seizure medicine, man, that's all,” Wayne told MTV in November.

However, while Lil Wayne seems to be taking his medication, he admitted in the same interview that he wasn’t exactly following doctors’ orders with his new regimen.

"They said I gotta drink four water bottles a day, that's what the doctors say," Wayne said. "I just came from the doctor. I ain't drinking four water bottles, but everything's good."

No word yet on whether Wayne’s lax attitude towards his prescription contributed to recent seizures in any way.

Lil Wayne’s latest album “I Am Not A Human Being II” comes out on March 26.