A new story about Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis surfaces during Tamra Barney's baptism, causing chaos among the cast of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County." After meeting with the psychic of Tamra, 48, in episode 11 and hearing several inconsistent stories from both Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers, a majority of the "RHOC" cast has doubts about his medical condition. The constant questioning of his cancer has caused tension between Vicki, 53, and her co-stars, which comes to a head during the Season 10 finale. 

The episode kicks off at the start of Tamra's baptism. The entire cast -- including Vicki, who brought her brother Billy Steinmetz and his girlfriend Rhonda along rather than Brooks -- showed up to show their support for the Cut Fitness co-CEO as she enters into a new journey of faith. After Tamra is submerged in the water, she comes out feeling cleansed and reborn. While she jets upstairs to get ready for the rest of her party, the rest of the "RHOC" cast gather to gab about the latest Brooks-related news. Heather Dubrow reveals to the girls that she recently heard a story claiming that early in Brooks' treatment he was so sick from chemotherapy that he had to call her husband, Terry Dubrow, who sent a colleague over to administer an IV. Heather, 46, told the ladies there was no truth to that story at all, calling Terry, 57, over to confirm. Shannon Beador, who has been a close friend to Vicki throughout much of Season 10, and Tamra both claim to have also heard that story. Tamra reveals to the cast that she heard the information from Vicki's daughter, Briana Culberson. 

After getting their stories together, the ladies, led by Meghan King Edmonds, decide it may be time to confront Vicki, who is trying to leave the party. They gather to take a photo, taking a moment to prepare and look their best. During this time "RHOC" stars Shannon, 51, Tamra, Meaghan, 30, Heather, and Lizzie Rovsek find themselves wrapped up in a conversation with Vicki's brother about their ongoing drama. He goes to bat for Brooks, claiming to have seen legitimate medial records confirming Brooks' cancer diagnosis and asking that they simply love and support his sister. Shannon shares with him that she's tried her best to be supportive of Vicki, but hasn't gotten the same in return. She says she badgered her about the records only to clear her name -- at which time Billy's girlfriend Rhonda interjects, revealing that Vicki told her about David Beador's infidelity. This sends Shannon into a rage, forcing her to confront Vicki about sharing her dark marital secrets. As she often does, Vicki retreats from the situation. She is caught in her escape by Tamra and her pastor, who suggest she talk to Shannon. Vicki claims she has "no respect" for Shannon anymore and wants nothing to do with it. She says she's been depressed and simply wanted the women to reach out to her after her mother's passing which none but Tamra did. 

Vicki then takes cover in the limo in which she arrived. Tamra joins her briefly to have a conversation about the situation, sharing with her the "RHOC" cast's perspective. She reveals to Vicki that Meghan called Newport Imaging, where Brooks claims to have gotten a PET/CT scan done, only to learn that the clinic doesn't do that type of procedure and does not treat non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients. Vicki claims to be unaware, using the excuse that she was out of town visiting her daughter at the time. Tamra then discloses to her that the new story came from Briana, at which time Vicki claims that her daughter is simply trying to tarnish Brooks' reputation. 

At episode's close viewers learn that Brooks broke up with Vicki shortly after filming ended. No reason was given for their split, though the pair did release a statement about it at the time it occurred. It appears "RHOC" viewers will have to wait for the reunion special to get answers about that and his diagnosis. 

The "RHOC" reunion, Part 1, air date has not yet been revealed. Check out a scene from the explosive finale below: