They’ve faced a lot of criticism for keeping photos of their son to a minimum and keeping as much of his life private as possible. However, there may be a very heartbreaking reason behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to keep Archie’s life shielded from the media glare.

According to Express UK, the reason for so much privacy may stem from Harry’s resentment over the way his mother, Princess Diana, was treated like a spectacle in the media—and the fact that paparazzi contributed to her tragic death. In an episode of the documentary series “The Royals” from 2013, royal expert Ingrid Seward reflected on how Diana’s death affected the way both Harry and Prince William saw the press.

“They hated their mother’s celebrity life and they grew to really hate the photographers that were always surrounding her,” she said.

“It’s quite to their credit they are able to be vaguely polite to the press now because they still loathe them,” she continued. “They still blame the press for their mother’s death, which they would do.”

Prince Harry was only 12 when the limo his mother was in in Paris was chased by paparazzi, and as her driver tried to evade photographers, he crashed, killing himself, Diana and her boyfriend at the time, Dodi Fayed.

He was also forced to follow his mother’s casket during a processional for her funeral, in full view of the cameras. Both events are likely behind his less than fond feelings of the press, and it could be why he and Markle try to keep their son shielded from photographers, including at his Christening, which was closed to the public.

That decision led to a bevy of criticism, and Seward once again spoke up, stating that she felt the Duchess of Sussex was taking a lot of the heat over the situation when it was likely led by Harry because of his feelings.

“I think this is quite Harry-led and it is putting Meghan in a very difficult position. She’s the one getting all the flak as a newcomer to the Royal Family,” she said at the time. “I assume Harry and Meghan don’t know where they are going wrong the think the criticism is all so very unfair. But why wouldn’t they want the world to see their baby? I don’t think it is any skin off their nose.”