Rebecca Black has debuted My Moment, her second single. The budding singer nabbed Brandon Blue Hamilton, who has also worked with Justin Bieber and Quinton Tolbert to help write the song. In her second effort, Black sings about going from the YouTube Friday sensation to a full-fledged star.

Even with the help of Hamilton and Tolbert, the song lacks originality and depth. Black sings, Weren't you the one who said that I would be nothing? Well I'm about to prove you wrong.

This is my moment! My moment. It's my time. Fly'n high. Lime light. Feels like my moment. My moment. I've waited for so long. But now everybody knows. This is my moment. My moment.

Whether or not Black has proven that this is in fact her moment, the question is whether she can keep the spotlight on her so she can continue to fly high. Black's song lacks vocal range, and choosing to sing about her rise to fame may be the fly'n high singer's ticket back down to planet earth.

Her video shows her going from a studio, to a Junior High dance party, to the red carpet. Black is shown with fans, and holding a newspaper with the title Meet Rebecca Black, the Internet's 'Friday' girl across the top. Black has cute little bubbles in the video, plays air drums and gets dolled-up in a make-up chair.

As Black watches her back-up dancers practice, she giggles with excitement, and then joins the group to show no real dancing talent of her own.

The video ends with Black in a limo arriving at a theater with her name on the marquee. Black dances for the paparazzi in her red Marilyn Monroe ensemble.

Despite a lack of her talent showing through in her latest single, it's possible with the right direction and song selection, Black could be the next music sensation to last no longer than 15 minutes.

It's clear that the camera likes her; she also shows her comedic side, which works well for her. Her constant smile is contagious, and her voice is not as bad as some pop stars out there. Perhaps, as the young songstress grows into a full-fledge teenager, she can ditch the soft bubble-gum pop and show more of her true potential. Otherwise, it's possible her moment will be short-lived.

Her lyrics say, I'm about to prove you wrong, and if Black is going by record sales, then she already proved many wrong. If she's going off talent, it remains to be seen if she can stand the test of time. The official music video for My Moment, which has been seen over 1,407,665 times, has 115,788 'dislikes' and only 71,316 'likes' on YouTube.

Twitter responses for Black's latest single are mixed. One user tweeted That awkward moment when you realize Rebecca Black has a new song ... and even more awkward when you find out is not as bad as the first one.

Another user wrote, Best parts in Rebecca Black's new video is the little gestures and faces she makes showing her sense of humor.

Rebecca Black's new video #MyMoment logged a million hits in less than 24 hours. 750,000 hits were Black checking how many hits she had, wrote another Twitter user.

Rebecca Black's new song is so so much better than Friday. Now she just needs to actually sing & not rely so much on autotune, writes another user.

OK Magazine tweeted, CHEESE alert: Rebecca Black has released a new single/video - it's hysterical.

And as to be expected, some users are continuing with the Friday jokes. One user wrote, Can someone tell me why the follow up song to Rebecca Black's FRIDAY, is not called SATURDAY?

And, Why is Rebecca Black trending? It's not Friday yet.. awkward.

But not everyone is hating on Black. One fan tweeted, I love how Rebecca Black didn't stop her career because of the hates of Friday, but she keeps going on. that is strength @MsRebeccaBlack

Watch the video here and tell us what you think about her latest single My Moment in the comment section below.

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