Not only is the season of celebrity breakups continuing, but it seems to have spread to Australia. According to reports, actress Rebel Wilson has called it quits with her comedian boyfriend, Mickey Gooch Jr.

Entertainment Tonight reports the “Pitch Perfect 2” star was the one to end things after only a few months of dating Gooch. Apparently, the rift between them had to do with the couple growing apart from each other. 

“She ended it with him,” a source told the outlet. “They got to the point where they both realized the attraction really wasn’t there anymore and they would be better off as friends. Rebel told him she didn’t want to continue with the relationship if she didn’t see it moving any further than where it is now -- and Mickey agreed.” 

News of the couple’s split isn’t necessarily surprising. After all, Wilson’s star has been on the rise as of late, which has reportedly made her work schedule very hectic. In fact the couple only met while working together on the upcoming romantic comedy “How to Be Single,” starring Wilson and Dakota Johnson. 

“I'm constantly moving and constantly traveling and so it's really hard to maintain a relationship in that kind of environment,” Wilson previously told Australia’s Elle magazine (via NY Daily News).  

Mickey Gooch Jr. Mickey Gooch Jr., pictured here attending the official wrap party for "The Head Thieves" at The Golden Box on February 15, 2015, recently split from his girlfriend, Rebel Wilson (not pictured). Photo: Getty

Although the relationship is now over, the couple wasn’t shy about sharing their activities with the world. While they were dating, Wilson was anything but timid about posting photos to her Instagram account showing her and Gooch doing things like going to a New York Rangers game or vacationing in Ibiza. 

As for Gooch, the YouTube star and rising comedian is allegedly having a rough time with the news. A source tells Us Weekly that their relationship as friends is making it difficult to say goodbye to their romance.

“It’s been hard for him,” the source said. “They’re still friends, so you never know if they might get back together in the future.”