Did former Reddit user Naratto use the popular social media site to write a murder confession? Whether the person was joking or actually confessed to murder has spurred furious debate on Reddit, and the FBI has been contacted about a possible killing.

The user Naratto posted a Confession Bear meme – a photo of a bear and then a confession about a secret – that read: “My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend. … I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it was an overdose.”

The “murder confession” post generated more than 3,000 comments on Reddit, and received 10,190 upvotes and 8,864 downvotes.

Reddit user TotalBeefcake said he didn’t want to take any chances that Naratto was joking, although he said he was inclined to believe the user posted a fake story just to elicit a response.

“Honestly, I hope this leads to an investigation. He's probably just harvesting karma, but the idea of someone getting away with murder and then having the nards to gloat about it on a popular website really boils my bottom,” the user wrote.

User Katie98 also advocated calling authorities. Gawker noted that the FBI was alerted about the posting as well as identifiable information for them to locate Naratto.

“Yup - maybe someone should tell the police. Because you know, murder and all. It would not be hard to find him based on the information he's given,” Katie98 wrote.

The post also sparked a debate as to whether Naratto crossed a moral line if he did in fact murder his sister’s abusive boyfriend.

“F--- that. He killed a person who was abusing his sister. If it were up to you OP would be spending the next few years in prison. Sure murder is wrong, and there may have been a better solution, but there also may not have been. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to do, I don't know, but I know that OP doesn't deserve to go to prison for it. Prison f------ sucks,” wrote elusiveinhouston.

User awad111 disagreed.

“So if it's okay to murder someone for abusing your sister, it then must absolutely be okay for the meth addicts family to then murder OP for killing their son. And then everyone can just keep murdering whoever they want, and we can trust people to use their own judgement [sic] as to who deserves to live and die,” they wrote. “There's a shocking amount of dumba---- like elusiveinhouston who don't understand why we live in a society of laws. They didn't make them for no reason. If we ran things your way society would fall apart in a week.”

Naratto ultimately deleted his Reddit account, but he came back to the site to insist he was joking, according to Gawker.

Whether it’s a true confession or prank, one Redditor found humor in the situation.

"The funny thing is that if he gets caught they'll use confession bear as evidence," wrote CaptainCheeseBurger.