Mary will continue to go head-to-head with Queen Catherine in episode 10 of "Reign." CW

Team Bash fans better close their eyes! The synopsis for episode 10 of “Reign” has been leaked and things are not looking good for the King of France’s bastard son.

As fans of the new CW series know, the midseason finale concluded with Francis watching as Mary fled the castle with Bash. Mary was fleeing in an attempt to protect Francis from Nostradamus’s prophecy, while Bash was running due to his mother’s failed attempt to legitimize him as the first born son of the King. Both Mary and Bash were innocent and doing what was best for their loved ones, but their move made it appear as if they were riding off together romantically.

We previously reported that the pair will be forced to return to the castle and face Francis and Queen Catherine in the midseason premiere. While Francis forgives Mary and still desires to wed her, his bond with his brother is torn, changing everything for Francis and Bash. Queen Catherine, on the other hand, is bent on destroying Mary at any cost, and based on the leaked synopsis for episode 10, “Sacrifice,” it looks like she’ll extend her hatred to Bash as well.

“Sacrifice” will find Bash in danger as an attempt is made on his life. Fortunately, the plot to kill him goes wrong, but Queen Catherine becomes a suspect -- and viewers know that you do not want to be on her bad side.

The episode will also find Mary trying to aid a pregnant peasant Isobel, who was wrongly imprisoned. While we don’t know how Isobel ended up behind bars, she has a “mysterious tie to Bash” that could be behind her imprisonment.

Things may be getting worse for Mary and Bash as season 1 of “Reign” progresses, but the love triangle with Francis will be heating up. Mary and Bash’s bond “continues to grow” in the episode, forcing Lola to take a drastic measure to protect her friends -- blackmailing Queen Catherine to “keep her from trying to ruin Mary and Bash.”

“Reign” returns to the CW with episode 9, its midseason premiere on Thursday, Jan. 23. You can catch episode 10 when it airs on Thursday, Jan. 30, at 9 p.m.

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