Remy Ma
Remy Ma and her friend JoJo took to social media to compliment each other. Pictured: The “shETHER” rapper performing at the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 20, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Remy Ma and JoJo shared the stage for a special number on Tuesday night. Then after the show, the two artists took to social media to compliment each other.

On Wednesday, Remy Ma shared a clip of her appearance at JoJo’s concert in Manhattan. Papoose’s wife showed up at the event to join JoJo onstage for their collab track entitled “FAB.” In the video, the concertgoers evidently go wild when JoJo introduces the “shETHER” rapper onstage. And as per usual, Remy Ma kills it with her verse that talks about fake friends.

In her post, Remy Ma praised JoJo for having an amazing voice, as well as a spirit that matches it. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star then divulged that she felt blessed to have shared the stage with the 26-year-old singer-songwriter.

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JoJo also appeared to have been grateful for Remy Ma’s appearance during her concert for she also took to Instagram to share a photo of her and the 36-year-old rapper. The “Too Little, Too Late” hitmaker also grabbed the chance to praise Remy Ma for being “the coolest, realest and one of my favorite rappers ever.”

Many fans approved of not only the performance the two female artists pulled that night, but also the compliments they gave each other. “Glad they performed this together. Good to see that both JoJo and Rem are back and tearing up the game. Queens support queens,” one fan wrote. “So happy these ladies are keeping it real. Both so genuine and are clearly good friends,” another commented.

Some fans have also expressed their desire for Remy Ma to appear in JoJo’s other upcoming shows. “She brought Remy ma to her Manhattan show, let’s hope she brings her to Wpg (Winnipeg),” one stated. “Wish Remy’s gonna show up in your next show cuz my friends and I will be there,” another fan wrote.

Remy Ma’s guest appearance in JoJo’s show comes days after the music video for her “Heartbreak” collab with Fat Joe and The Dream dropped on Tidal. Before and after the music video was released, Remy Ma took to Instagram to promote it to her fans and followers. She also gave a shoutout to the director of the project, Eif Rivera, and the people who made the lavish party-themed short film possible.

“Heartbreak” is one of the tracks on Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s “Plata o Plomo” album, which the “All The Way Up” tandem dropped back in February. While promoting the album at the time, Fat Joe opened up about finally reuniting with Papoose’s other half.

“I learned that she's a professional, and I ain't been working with a lot of professionals since she's been gone,” Fat Joe was quoted as saying by Billboard. “You know, with Rem, all you gotta do is do a song and tell her, 'Come on, Rem. Let's go. Do this, do that,' and she'll kill it multiple ways.”

Meanwhile, Remy Ma’s beef with Nicki Minaj seems to have been put in the backburner this week as both female MCs are busy with their careers. Remy Ma’s doing shows left and right, while Minaj is preoccupied with her working engagements, including her new music videos and her modeling career. Either both rappers have moved on or they’re just keeping things on the down low until one of them throws some shots once again.