A new website wants to pay you $10 for using your likeness for a week to promote a charity of your choice.

RentYourSoul.com, a startup site combining business and charity, will not only pay for your soul but it will also send $10 to your charity.

The site's creator, Pierre Ayotte of Montreal, Canada, writes in a Question and Answer section of the site that if traffic increases, he will be able to charge more for advertising space. His target is community-minded advertisers.

He has contemplated the outcome if the venture does not gain sufficient sponsors.

I'll go broke giving to charities. There are worse fates! he writes.

Users are required to send in a photo of themselves smiling and holding up a note with the words My Soul. The photo may end up on the site's main page, linking the picture to the person's charity.

Payments are made with Paypal, check, or other. Advertisers can receive rates and payment information by request.