Articles by Angelo Young

Angelo Young is a general assignment reporter.


Obama: Gun Debate In US Must Change

The families of people killed in mass shootings “don’t care about the politics,” the president said in Orlando, Florida. “And neither do I.”

Remembering Those Lost In Orlando

Officials in Florida have almost completed the grim task of notifying families about the 49 people killed during the Pulse gay nightclub shooting.
Dallas Love Field Airport

Officer Shoots Man At Dallas Airport

The officer fired “a number of times” near the baggage claim area, where the man was engaged in a dispute with the mother of his children, police said.
Elizabeth Warren

Warren Launches Attack On Trump

In backing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts called the Republican a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud.”

No Appetite For Gender Diversity?

Investors in the company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons have rejected a plan to add female directors. But the company could implement it anyway.


Bitcoin Price

Coronavirus Outbreak Pushes Bitcoin Price Down

Gold and other safe-haven assets usually appreciate as investors pull money out of riskier ones in favor of them during economic stresses, and some crypto observers think that BTC is making a case...