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Data Visualization editor. CUNY J-school alum. Business journalist at large. Loves cats, capitalism, string cheese, charts, jazz and data. I have opinions. I can journalism.


How Does King Compare?

The maker of Candy Crush Saga just filed for an IPO. Here’s how it compares with other publicly held mobile gaming companies.

Freedom Of The Press

Three nations are holding more journalists in jail than the rest of the world combined.

50 Shades Of Putin: The Game

“Vlad You’re Mine!” This Valentine’s day, give the gift of Putin. Play our Vladimir Putin emotion matrix game!
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Religion In The US, Mapped

Mississippi is the most Protestant state, Rhode Island is the most Catholic, Utah is Mormon and New York has the most Jews.
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A Brief History Of Facebook

With a market capitalization of more than $150 billion, Facebook isn’t just a social network, it’s THE social network. Here’s how it happened.