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No stone unturned for Google, launches Android@home

Global search engine and tech giant Google is ready to go where no other global tech giant would like to enter. It will launch a brand new range of devices which will include dishwashers, light bulbs, thermostats and basically anything which has an electrical connection to it.

Obama rating shoots up after Ladens’ death

President Obama is glorified with almost half (49%) of Americans raising their thumbs for the job he is doing. This is the highest rating for the President since September of 2009 when almost half of Americans gave him positive ratings.

Justice 'undone', says Osama bin Laden's son

Omar, 30, said he always disagreed with his father over the violent means and had sent numerous messages denouncing them and urging him to “change his ways”. But even the U.S. forces which had killed Osama have violated the international law by killing an unarmed terrorist leader without a trial, he said in statement issued by the Bin Laden family but signed only by him. The statement was the first by the family after Osama's killing.

Morning Digest on Arab Unrest

The European Union has imposed an arms ban on Syria, besides a freeze and visa ban on 13 top Syrian officials, including the brother of President Bashar al-Assad. Fifty-four Somalis trying to escape Libya are feared dead after an overcrowded boat with hundreds aboard capsized off the coast of Tripoli.

Referendum in Ecuador supports reforms

The referendum sought people's opinion on questions ranging from banning bullfighting to judicial and media reforms. The media services in Ecuador are also under the government.

3 arrested for Marrakesh blast

The blast in the Argana café that killed more than 15 foreigners included 10 French, two Canadian, a Dutch national and two Moroccans and injured a dozen others.

RaspBerry Pi unveils SD card-size personal computer priced $25

The Rspberry team, headed by David Braben, an expert in the field, is heading the team which hopes to sell the bare-bones device with features like 700MHz ARM11 processor, 128MB of RAM, and ports for video, removable media, and USB 2.0. Once connected to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and wireless modem, one can begin surfing anywhere.

Who was Geronimo?

Originally named Goyathlay or Goyahkla, he was involved in revenge attacks against the American and Mexican soldiers who had killed many of his family members during the Apache wars in the second half of the 19th century.

How Freedom Riders made it 50 years ago?

Remembering the freedom struggle of the African Americans, the Freedom Riders celebrate their 50th anniversary, Oprah Winfrey’s show invited 178 of the original Freedom Riders to appear as special guests on May 4.



NASA's Orion Capsule Makes Its Closest Approach To Moon

The uncrewed Orion capsule of NASA's Artemis I mission sailed within 80 miles (130 km) of the lunar surface on Monday, achieving the closest approach to the moon for a spacecraft built to carry humans since Apollo 17 flew half a century ago.