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Egypt protests turn violent, 3 feared killed

The protests in Egypt on Tuesday turned violent with at least three people reported to have been killed and tear gas and water cannons used to disperse the crowds who had gathered in central Cairo following the opposition call for a Day of Revolt.

California super storm scenario ripples through the state

The so-called super storm scenario prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey says such super storm has potential to move water of almost 50 Mississippi rivers into the Gulf of Mexico, causing massive floods and devastation in California.

Queensland govt deploys 200-men police squad to stop looting

Amid reports of looting in Brisbane and Ipswitch due to heavy floods, Police Minister Neil Roberts and Commissioner Bob Atkinson have announced Operation Safeguard to deploy 100 policemen from Brisbane and another 100-member squad drawn from interstate police services on Thursday.

Retired Boeing employee wins half of Mega Millions lottery

The Mega Millions lottery announced the final winning numbers 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42 and the winners are from Idaho and Washington state, triggering a joke on the online that the shoe winners may be cursed now. The jackpot money of $355 million will be shared by two persons from Idaho and Washington state.

India tops Japan's FDI destination survey

In an annual survey conducted by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, India for the first time topped the list as the most attractive destination, overtaking China.

New Year Times Square 2010 - 2011 Schedule

For 106 years, Times Square has been the center of worldwide attention on New Year's Eve, ever since the owners of One Times Square began Ball Lowering celebration in 1907, and this tradition is now a universal symbol of welcoming the New Year.

Now an App for Times Square Ball Dropping

Over one million people each year throng the streets of Times Square in New York City on Dec. 31 to watch the falling Ball to celebrate the passage of another year and welcome 2011.

Flouride in water lowers IQ levels: report

Exposure to fluoride may lower children's intelligence, says a study pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Fluoride is added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies.

40 killed as bomb explodes at food distribution center in Pakistan

The United Nations' relief program for the flood-ravaged and conflict-ridden northwestern town of Kahr in Bajaur tribal region turned into a bloodbath when a suicide attacker blew up a bomb when more than 1,000 people gathered on Saturday morning to receive free ration.

Private jets see surge in bookings as Europe undergoes snow chaos

In the midst of snow-related flight cancellations in Europe, private jets are now surging their bookings with quick alternative plans providing succour to stranded but wealthy passengers. Since the week leading up to Christmas is crucial for many stranded company executives in Europe who wish to return home

New Zealand releases UFO files ahead of Wikileaks

With Wikileaks all set to unravel the secret documents or reports by governments on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), New Zealand has decided to go ahead and make public some 2,000 pages of secret UFO files dating from 1954 to 2009.

Massive quake hits Iran, a day before Yalda

A massive earthquake measuring 6.5 magnitude on Richter scale hit Hosseinabad village of Fahraj township in Kerman province at 22:12 local time on Monday night, killing at least seven people and injuring hundreds. The quake jolted the country a day before Yalda, the longest night of the year when Iranians celebrate throughout the night with families and friends, usually visiting parental homes.

Oklahoma goes ahead with 3rd execution this year

Oklahoma has executed John David Duty, 58, on Thursday keeping alive its capital punishment policy. The difference this time was that it used for the first time a drug called pentobarbital, a sedative that is used as euthanasia for animals.

Flickr fan shoots off open letter to Yahoo CEO Bartz

Photographer Thomas Hawk suggested Bartz to settle for a salary of $1 a year for her failure to catch up with rivals like Google, Apple and Microsoft. Yet, he has asked her to use Flickr more as a social networking tool like Facebook.

Cell Phones or diagnostic tools?

GENTAG, Inc. and its partners have come out with a new disposable wireless diagnostic test platform for consumer cell phones. The technology, based on immunoassays, can test for pregnancy, fertility, pathogens, AIDS, drugs, allergens and even certain types of cancers.

Envoy Holbrooke dies

Richard Holbrooke, 69, U.S. President Barack Obama's special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, died on Monday while undergoing a surgery for a torn aorta.

11-year-old Bethlehem boy invents new iPad stand

Growing up in the city of Bethlehem, PA, Dino knows the importance of hard work and American pride. Bethlehem Steel Corp was once a gem of American industry, having been so powerful that during World War II, its laborers churned out a Navy battleship in a single day.