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US honor flag to fly aboard space shuttle Atlantis on its final mission

The U.S. Honor Flag which toured the country and the world in memory of those who have lost their lives serving as police officers, firefighters and military personnel will now pay tribute to astronauts who have died in the space shuttle program 1981-2011 as it flies aboard space shuttle Atlantis's final mission.

Google faces another China-like hurdle in Kazakhstan

A draconian order that requires all .kz domain names, such as, to operate on physical servers within the borders of Kazakhstan was issued last month by the country's Ministry of Communications and Information.

Russian spy Anna Chapman launches new venture magazine

Russian spy Anna Chapman has taken over as editor–in–chief of a new business magazine, five months after launching a TV show, giving a new direction to her career that saw her deported from the United States last summer.

Pakistan Terror Attack: Siege ends after 15 hours

The siege in Karachi's naval air station ended on Monday afternoon after the brazen attack storming Pakistan navy’s key airbase in the heart of the port city of Karachi for nearly 12 hours which has left at least 12 soldiers dead, reports on TV channels said.

BJP hits Bangalore roads, traffic woes greet commuters

Upset over the political developments in the state which may bring down the provincial government headed by the Bharatiya Janata Party, the ruling coalition hit the roads of Bangalore on Tuesday morning protesting the governor's rommmendation to sack the state government.

Bin Laden daughters among hostile interviewees

American intelligence officials in Pakistan have revealed that, apart from the three hostile widows of Bin Laden, some of his daughters were also among those quizzed by US officials in Pakistan under the watchful eyes of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Although they were interviewed as a group, only Khariraih Sabar, who is believed to be Laden's third wife and the eldest of them all, spoke up.

From Osama's death to May 21 Judgment Day

Less than a fortnight after bin Laden's death, there was indeed a revenge attack on a para-military academy near Peshawar in Pakistan where more than 83 people, majority of them newly trained cadets, were killed.

The Other Side of Charlie Sheen

‘Charlie bashing’ has been a popular global sport for quite some time now. His rehab stints, porn-star girlfriends, and sensational quotes have helped sell millions of copies of tabloids and sent TV-channel viewership soaring across the world. Maybe he is not so bad after all.

Bin Laden’s death to bring peace in Afghanistan: Minister

Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasoul, in his first visit to China since he took office in January, said in Beijing on Wednesday that the elimination of Osama bin Laden was ‘positive’ and will make Afghanistan's transition process easier.

Google or no Google, India sticks to its new web rules

The Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has made a statement to clarify its Internet rules which Google had earlier opposed, citing websites which trash out any content or often construed offensive.

Unleashing the Power of Your People with Internal Franchise

Business leaders are looking for a new edge. Their companies may be just barely alive, having made cuts they never thought they would have to make. The workers have been beaten down and overworked. The energy, the buzz, and satisfaction are dead. Why not turn to Internal Franchise, advises management consultant and author Martin O’Neill.

Libyans turn to illegal fishing, greens blame it on unrest

Due to the current unrest in Libya there will not be an effective monitoring and enforcement of the fishery in its waters, it will risk an internationally agreed recovery plan for the severely overfished species. There are reports that several Libyan vessels, legally unauthorized to fish for bluefin, have left from European ports in France (Sète) and Malta.